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A cuckoo comes calling...

Updated: Apr 15

Does anyone remember this song:

Oh, the cuckoo is a pretty bird

And she wobbles when she flies

She never hollers coo-coo

Till the fourth day of July

So sang folk-rockers the JSD Band in the early 1970s but it’s all wrong! We heard our first cuckoo today – 14 April.

We’d love to share our private nature reserve with you this spring. Come to stay in Tawny Cottage, Red Kite Yurt or Goldfinch Glampavan and immerse yourself in the outdoors. New for this year are our nature trail, orchard guide, pondside living willow village and, most importantly, a complimentary box of home-made cakes for all guests on arrival.

[Library picture by ace wildlife photographer Andy Morffew through]

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