About us

The team from Orchid Meadows

We are Steve and Lynn.


Steve has always been captivated by nature. Ever since he was a child, when his mother took him for autumn walks along country lanes and put names to all the wild berries along the way. Having worked for National Parks and green campaigning groups, he has spent the past ten years or so as an environmental journalist. Meanwhile, he has been waiting 40 years to be able to fully put his training in agricultural and forest science into practice. Steve is also a bit of a closet chef – you should try one of his curries when you come to stay.


Lynn shares his love of nature, although on walks she has her eyes skyward looking for birds while Steve’s eyes are firmly rooted on the ground looking at plants. Lynn brings an essential element to the table: baking that would put the Great British Bake Off to shame. Brought up on an upland sheep farm and trained in catering, she ran her own busy Yorkshire tearoom and bed and breakfast for almost 40 years, earning huge respect for her cakes and pastries, especially her Yorkshire curd tart and fat rascals. Lynn also has a talent for crafts and enjoys continuing her family tradition of making rag-rugs by hand. 


After working together for some years in catering and visitor accommodation, we have now embarked on a new challenge: Orchid Meadows. We aim to improve the wildlife value of our small-holding in West Wales and share it with those seeking outdoor holidays based on respect for nature, campfires and, needless to say, good food and rustic cooking.