Sponsors and partners

We are grateful to individuals and businesses who have given their time or provided products or services at a discount to help us realise our vision for Orchid Meadows. This has enabled us to achieve more in terms of nature enhancement. In no particular order, they include the following:

Meredith Contract Services sponsoring Orchid Meadows

Meredith Contract Services undertake environmental and landscaping works across Wales and England, for example preparing land for tree-planting through topping, mulching and mounding. Based in Ceredigion, the company specialises in working in areas that can be difficult to access, including mountainous terrain, wetland, SSSIs and small-holdings. They are mindful of the balance of land conservation, tree species management and the commercial needs of a site. Click here, call 01545 238222 or email info@meredith-cs.com

Mental Woods sponsoring Orchid Meadows

Adam Thomas at Mentalwoods is a traditional craftsman based in Shropshire who specialises in hand-made rustic, chunky outdoor furniture, including his trademark sleeper benches. Pressure treated to last, the benches are made from slow-grown soft timber. He also offers an engraving service so any name can be added. Mentalwoods sells through the Etsy website, which focuses on hand-made, vintage and custom-made items. Click here or email mentalwoods4@gmail.com

Nature's Rainbow sponsoring Orchid Meadows

Susan and Ashley from Nature’s Rainbow have over 15 years' experience of growing and using dyeplants, ranging from the classic woad, weld and madder to more unusual plants. Their aim is to help people create attractive dye gardens which give great colours in the dyepot whilst also enhancing wildlife. Their blog provides a wealth of information on dye plant horticulture. They sell seeds online and are available for talks and workshops, both online and in person. Click here, call 01462 422814 or email susandye@naturesrainbow.co.uk

Thistledown Glamping sponsoring Orchid Meadows

Thistledown Glamping at Panteg Cross in Ceredigion provides holidays in shepherd’s huts and is run by Claire and her husband Tim. The aim is to provide a luxurious glamping experience set within a wild meadow. As well as designing each hut himself, Tim built them from reclaimed, vintage and up-cycled material where possible, with the rest of the materials being locally sourced. Click here, call 01239 851416 or email info@thistledownglamping.co.uk

Sustainable Furniture sponsoring Orchid Meadows

Sustainable Furniture is a family-run business in Cornwall led by Margaret Larson supplying, as the name suggests, sustainable furniture. It offers a wide selection of reclaimed and ethically sourced furniture, gifts and accessories for home and garden from unique reclaimed teak root dining tables to natural wicker sofas. Care is taken to ensure timber is sourced from well managed forests and the company supports Cornish manufacturing from local sawmills. All products, both indoor and outdoor, are built to last. Click here, call 01726 884123 or email info@sustainable-furniture.co.uk

Arbor Garden Solutions sponsoring Orchid Meadows

Arbor Garden Solutions is a fast-growing manufacturing firm headed by Gediminas Surna and Mindaugas Skackovas and based in Wisbech. A skilled team of craftsmen work together to produce a variety of bespoke and standard furniture, including garden furniture, log stores and other storage solutions, industrial workbenches and cabinets. All products are made from FSC-approved, sustainable sources.


Click here, call 01945 410950 or email support@arborgardensolutions.co.uk

Dixey Art sponsoring Orchid Meadows

Dixey Brooks (Kiara) is a Ceredigion-based artist and sign-writer specialising in hand-painted illustrated signs on slate or wood. She has created many signs for houses and centres of ecology, healing and spirituality. Click here or here, email dixeyart@gmail.com or call 07775 096121 or 01570 493066.


Text coming soon from D.L. Williams Building Supplies and Home Centres

In addition to the above, we would like to thank those who have given additional help or support to our project, including in no particular order: Jacque Bunton, Ross Hussey, the Ceredigion Meadows Group, the South and West Wales Wildlife Trust, the Woodland Trust, Melwyn and Brynmor Jones, the inhabitants of Tynreithyn and anyone else whose name might have inadvertently slipped through the net.

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Text coming soon from New Forest Rustic Furniture