Orchid Meadows site rules

In order to ensure the comfort of everyone on the site as well as ourselves and our neighbours, there are a small number of do’s and don’ts. Obviously we have endeavoured to keep these to a minimum.


As you enjoy your accommodation or explore the small-holding, please observe the following guidelines:

  • You are welcome to have people visit you during your stay but please let us know beforehand.

  • Smoking is not permitted inside Tawny Cottage, Red Kite Yurt or Goldfinch Glampavan.

  • Please note, we are an adult-only site and cannot take under-18s. If you have any visitors, please ensure this rule is followed by them too. 

  • We are a working small-holding with livestock, including excitable hens, and also cats. For that reason, we cannot take dogs, however well behaved they might be. If you have any visitors, please ensure this rule is followed by them too.

  • You are welcome to bring an acoustic guitar with you but please do not bring musical instruments that are any more noisy. 

  • Similarly please do not bring any receiving or music devices that can be heard outside your own accommodation.

  • We operate a general quiet time between 10pm and 8am during which we ask everyone on the site to keep any noise to an absolute minimum.

  • Please respect the privacy and quiet enjoyment of others who might be using the site and also our neighbours.

  • Please do not pick any flowers or plants on the site.

  • Please respect any livestock on the small-holding and be aware of any risks to your safety they may present. Please do not feed the cattle or hens.

  • Please burn only the wood provided by Orchid Meadows. Foraging for firewood on the site is not allowed because dead wood is often left to rot down for nature. You are welcome to bring your own charcoal, however.

  • Please take care with all fires and naked flames.

  • Familiarise yourself with any fire precautions, responses or evacuation procedures as detailed on notices.

  • If you accidentally break anything, please do let us know so we can replace it.

  • Please separate out your waste and use the appropriate recycling containers.

  • Before you leave, please ensure you have settled all your honesty box bills.

  • When you leave, please ensure you have all your personal belongings with you. Please also clear fridges and cupboards of any foodstuffs. 

Thank you for following these guidelines!