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Family Nature Watch

From mid-July until the end of August, it is Family Nature Watch time at Orchid Meadows! It is an opportunity for all budding young Chris Packhams and Michaela Strachans to learn some nature detective skills and get up close to wild plants and animals. If you enjoy following Springwatch, Autumnwatch or Winterwatch on TV, you will know what to expect. The big difference is, this is Summerwatch and the weather should be kinder!

If you are coming to stay with children - or even if you are not - you can enhance your stay at no extra charge with the following optional family-friendly activities and wildlife aids to help you explore Orchid Meadows:

  • Guided nature walks

  • Treasure hunts

  • Trails

  • Wildlife search lists

  • Bat watches

  • Wildlife camera link-ups

You can record your findings each day on our site whiteboard!

And let us not forget the less-than-wild life. We can introduce you to our hens (Katy, Jackie and Sara), our Highland cattle (Saskia, Suki and Rose) and our cats (Bobby, Rosalyn and Sandy). You can even adopt our hens for your stay and be in charge of feeding and egg collecting.

Exciting though nature is, we are guessing you will not be spending all your time discovering it. A stay at Orchid Meadows also gives you the chance to enjoy a wide range of family tourist attractions, some on the doorstep, others farther afield. Click here for more details of great days out for all the family. You can also take part in all sorts of adventure activities, including horse-riding, white water rafting, alpaca trekking, e-biking in Brechfa Forest, dolphin-watching boat trips and detective mystery tours. Click here for ideas for getting active.

Leaflets, pictures and video clips for Family Nature Watch will be available to download from this page from 1 July onwards...

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