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Who's eating the flowers?

Not these ones. These fritillaries are fine and we wonder if it's because they're white. Unlike our purple snake's head ones, which seem to be attracting the attention of someone or something. As soon as one opens up, it seems to get eaten. We've had this where we've lived before and we suspected a pheasant back then. Here at Orchid Meadows, we do occasionally hear one of these big squawkers but could the culprit be more of a dark horse, something that is always there and part of the scenery but through this familiarity is usually overlooked when blame needs to be allocated? Could it be the humble blackbird, we wonder. In which case, why do they leave the white ones alone? Are they too boring-looking or is it out of respect for monotones? Does anyone have any ideas?

Fritillaries at Orchid Meadows
Left untouched: White fritillaries

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