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Red Kite Yurt is risen from the winter

Easter Sunday saw the resurrection of Red Kite Yurt after a long winter's storage. Almost a dozen pairs of eager hands took part in what is set to become an annual challenge. We would like to report it all went to plan but that would be fibbing. It is fair to say almost every mistake in the book was made during erection and the process frequently descended into Carry-On-film farce. That said, the yurt is now up, there are no bits left over in the tent bag and things are looking pretty good. We welcome our first guests of the season on Thursday 20 April - a group staying not just in the yurt but also Goldfinch Glampavan and Tawny Cottage. They plan to get in some good walking on the coast path and look for red squirrels and pine martens up in the hills, plus no doubt have a cracking barbecue or two.

Red Kite Yurt takes shape at Orchid Meadows
The yurt is made up of three layers: inner lining, felt insulation and outer canvas

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