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It's potting-up time at Orchid Meadows!

There is a hint of spring in the air in West Wales and that is enough for us to head to the polytunnel and start potting-up seeds. So far, turnips, beetroot, squash, chard, cucumbers, cauliflower and beef tomatoes have been sown in small pots, ready to be transferred later. It's a painstaking process but an uplifting one - it's a signal that winter is behind us and the summer months are ahead. In a few days, our early potatoes will be planted and then it will be time to pot-up aubergines, peppers, shallots, courgettes, sweetcorn, cabbage, salad tomatoes and more. Happy days are here again!

Polytunnel planting at Orchid Meadows
Lynn carefully positions seeds in pots of compost

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